Our sectors of activity: Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Construction


We operate in several sectors of activity, for which we rent a multitude of lifting equipment, such as boom trucks and mobile cranes. Our specialists can also, if necessary, be at the controls of our aircraft.

Tremblay Grues Service’s versatility allows the company to carry out a large majority of small and large projects.


Residential and commercial sector

We are a key partner in any residential and commercial construction (and renovation) project. Single-family homes, bigénération homes, condominiums, shopping centres and much more: we respect the highest quality standards for buildings that will stand the test of time.



The agri-food, metallurgical, oil, gas, chemical and other industries are constantly changing. We are proud to contribute to their development by taking part in their various major projects.



The construction of roads, bridges, hydroelectric power plants and pipelines are just a few of the projects in which we have actively participated for the public and parapublic sectors. We are pleased to have Hydro-Québec and the Ministère des Transports du Québec among our customers, who have placed their trust in us.