Your large-scale project requires equipment of unprecedented power? Our cranes are designed to challenge the impossible (or almost impossible).


Crane from 45 to 60 tons

Perfect for: lifting heavy material and equipment

Grove Tms 745 type, this robust and powerful machine weighs almost 100,000 lbs. As with any other powerful crane or boom truck, it can be used to lift personnel and various materials and equipment. Also very useful for launching sailboats.

Boom length: 110′, plus extension from 33 to 56′.

Total height: 180 ft, expandable to 206 ft


Crane 110 tons

Perfect for: lifting extremely heavy material and equipment

This is the largest machine in our fleet: it can be assembled to work with 80, 90 or 100 tonne cranes. Nothing is foolproof. It can be used, among other things, to install pre-assembled house modules and launch sailboats. It comes with our 53′ trailer used to carry extra counterweights and equipment.

Boom length: 142 ft, plus extension from 33 to 56 ft (to which two other 16 ft extensions can be added).

Total height: 240 ft.

Tell us about your project now: our role is to determine with you what you really need!